phantom_rate's Journal

stamping comm for 2004's Phantom of the Opera
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

Community Rules:
1. No flaming, insulting.
2. You must join the community to post.
3. Vote, you Do Not have to be stamped in order to do so.
4. Cosplaying is allowed, but have AT LEAST one normal photo of yourself
5. Please put your survey behind an lj-cut.
6. You must fill out the survey below, along with posting at least 1 clear picture of yourself or a brief description of yourself.
7. If you absolutely dislike who you've been stamped as, you're allowed TWO other re-stamps.
8. Mods are you friends, feel free to ask them questions.
9. To make sure you've read the rules here, be sure to put your favorite line/lyric from the movie somewhere in the subject line.

Voting Rules:
1. As said before, no being rude to someone or insulting them.
2. BOLD your votes, please!
3. Once you get at least 5 votes, and then you will be stamped by the majority vote.



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